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vtp video


Welcome to VTP, I shoot and edit content for local businesses

that want to be seen on line using video.

"Around 72% of businesses say video has increased their conversion rate.  And roughly two years from now, video traffic will account for 82% of all traffic on the internet".
 According to WYZOWL 2020
Elevate your service with a video showcase of your business in action.  Educate your customers through a demonstration video of your latest product.  Connect with your audience using a series of pre made video content ready to post.  Most importantly stand out by being authentic, no other type of content does this better than video. 

Why should you book a Freelancer?

Hiring a freelancer is more cost effective. I will work with you directly through all aspects of the shoot process. I can help you to develop a strong concept or if you already have one we can go straight to booking dates for your shoot. For the edit you will have two revisions before receiving the final product.  This will ensure that you are happy with your video/s.
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